Hello world it is me ethant36 today I will be talking about the start of our new unit, geometry.

The first thing is what do you know about geometry.

I know that geometry is basically shapes and angles and points and surfaces.

I want to learn more about triangles and pentagons.



Projet Vidéo Écran Vert

Après plusieurs semaines de travail sur notre maquette qui montrait plusieurs aspects de la vie quotidienne des Haïdas, et après avoir fait l’enregistrement de nos lignes que chaque groupe devait apprendre par cœur, notre vidéo était prêt à visionner. 

Voici mes commentaires de ce que j’ai aimé. 

J’ai aimé le bruit de l’océan dans l’arrière plan.  Aussi, j’aimerais faire quelques suggestions pour améliorer ce projet si j’avais à le refaire. Je n’ai pas aimé comment j’étais debout devant la camera. Il va falloir changer cela la prochaine fois.

Ci-dessous, vous trouverez le lien de notre projet de groupe sur les Haidas.

Hebrew Recording Restaurant

 OJCS וַאֲנִי לוֹמֵד בְּכִתָּה ה ואֲנִי אוֹהֵב לֶאֱכֹל סוֹשִׁי..שָׁלוֹם הַשֵּׁם שֶׁלִּי אֵיתָן .אֲנִי לוֹמֵד בְּבֵית סֵפֶר


Innovation Day Reflection

Hello world it is me ethant36 today I will be talking about my innovation day project. We made a MagLev train.

One of the biggest obstacles for our group was the positioning of the tracks. It took us so long to figure out the right positioning luckily after a lot of trial and error we managed to finally get it right. Another obstacle was the thing that we were building was very hard for everyone to work on it at the same time so we decided that two people would write and one person would build and the person building would switch after a certain amount of time.

This was our hypothesis: We think that the maglev train will work because there are real maglev trains in real life. In Japan there is one of the only maglev trains in the world. It is also the fastest maglev train in the world right now.

We used magnetic tape, hot glue, cardboard and duct tape.


We had to make sure that the magnets repelled but after a while we figured it out.

I had a lot of fun with innovation day!




Hello world it is me ethant36 today I will be talking about fractions.

I watched a video about them and I learned all the names for them. I also did cool Sudoku like sheet about them.

I am also doing khan academy and there are things about fractions.

I knew everything in the video about fractions.

I want to learn how to do reciprocals with mixed numbers.


B’tzelem elohim

1. What does it mean to be in G-d’s image? I think being in G’d’s image means all being different but still having value.

2.What do you think this says about you and your friends? I think this means all of my friends are different but we still get along.

3. Is everybody the same? Not everybody is the same but it would be boring if everyone were the same.

4. What makes each of us unique? The thing that makes everyone unique is our personalities.



Starting Cursive

Hello world it is me ethant36 today I will be talking about my cursive unit. We started and we are practising. We have a set of pages to practise 100 sight words. Here is a picture of the book: Bye!

My goals 2023

Hello world it is me ethant36 today I’ll be talking about my goals for 2023. My goal is to get only the highest mark in math for the February report card. One way I can achieve this is by working hard at math. Some people who can help me with this goal are: Mr. Watters and Ms. Cleveland. If I accomplish this I will be happy.

Mon Projet sur les Haïdas Reflection 1

Je viens de commencer un projet en équipe de deux.

Je me sens excité parce que j’aime mon partenaire.

J’ai commencé à travailler avec mon équipe et j’aimerais partager mes observations: 1. mon partenaire m’aide beaucoup. 2. Mon partenaire et moi étions des amis avant ca.